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The academic curriculum is prescribed by the National Policy of Education. The following subjects are available at the Junior Secondary School level.

1. English Language
2. General Mathematics
3. Christian Religious Studies
4. Islamic Religious Studies
5. Integrated Science
6. Introductory Technology
7. Hausa
8. Yoruba
9. Igbo
10. Business Studies
11. Physical and Health Education
12. Agricultural Science
13. Social Studies
14. Arabic
15. French
16. Fine Art
17. Drama
18. Computer Studies

In JSS year 1 students must take fifteen of the above subjects. They make a choice between CRS and IRS, Yoruba and Igbo, Arabic and French, and Business Studies and Home Economics.

In JSS year 2 students may drop either Introductory Technology or Business Studies. Thus they only need to take fourteen subjects.

In JSS year 3 students must take at least ten subjects, although English Language, General Mathematics, Social Studies and Integrated Science remain compulsory. Students will be encouraged to consult with the staff of the guidance and counselling unit before deciding which subjects they wish to concentrate on.

At the senior secondary level the following subjects are offered:

1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. Further Mathematics
4. Biology
5. Chemistry
6. Physics
7. Accounts
8. Economics
9. Commerce
10. History/Government
11. Geography
12. Hausa
13. Igbo
14. Yoruba
15. Islamic Religious Studies
16. Christian Religious Studies
17. Fine Arts
18. Computer Studies
19. Agricultural Science
20. Technical Drawing
21. Literature in English
22. French
23. Arabic


The school conducts normal termly examination for each class at the end of the term.
The Senior Secondary students shall at their final year (SSIII) after passing the school's qualifying examination be presented for the school certificate examinations .of WAEC and NECO and all other examination sanctioned by the Authority for such students. They will be expected also to write the University Matriculation Examination of JAMB


Junior Secondary students take their final examination at the end of their third year in the school. These examinations are n external organised by the National Examinations Council (NECO). However, a large proportion of every student's final f grade comes from his continuous assessment, which is obtained from the school.


Continuous assessment has three principal sources, viz end year examinations, end of term examinations and regular classroom tests of various kinds. It is very important that students take their tests and examinations seriously since they constitute a significant part of their final results.
We trust that at the end of their Junior Secondary School course work, the students will have done well enough to deserve promotion into the Senior Secondary School.

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