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Admission into the Academy is by competitive examination followed by an interview. The entrance examination is held during the second quarter of each year at various centres throughout the Federation. Details will be published well in advance in the print and electronic media as well as the Academy’s website (www.zariaacademy-ng.com). To qualify to sit for the examination, candidates must have completed or be in the Last class of their primary school; and be at least ten and not more than twelve years of age on the 31st August of the current year.

The examination will consist of tests in Mathematics, General Science, Quantitative Aptitude, Vocational Aptitude and English Composition. Candidates will be expected to pass the Mathematics and English Language tests, and to score at least 40% in the examination as a whole. The interview will include simple tests in reading and comprehension in English, and in elementary mathematics.

International candidates may fill the admission form online on the Academy's website at www.zariaacademy-ng.com.


Transfers into the Academy from other secondary schools may be allowed provided the candidates have achieved a satisfactory academic standard in their former school, and that the Academy is convinced that the candidate will fit into the school environment satisfactorily. Such students may be asked to attend an interview and sit for- an entrance qualifying examination. Other conditions include clean academic records, age and high moral standard from the former schools and the transfers are only applicable to S.S.1 class. International candidates may fill the transfer form online at the Academy's website. 


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