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School Calendar

The Academy’s calendar will normally consist of three terms, each of thirteen weeks, as follows:

Term 1: The last week of September to the third week of December.
Term 2: The second week of January to the second week of April.
Term 3: The first week of May to the last week of July.

The exact date will depend upon any instruction handed down from the sate or federal ministries of education; the date of Easter; the expected dates of the Muslim Festivals; and the dates of other public holidays, as announced by the government.

The Christmas and Easter holidays will each last about three weeks. The long vacation will be about seven weeks.

Special provision will be made for students to celebrate the Muslim Festivals when they fall within term time. In the following schedules, times for prayer are not exact, as these depend upon the time of year.


Students will normally be expected to report back for the beginning of term on a weekend so that classes can commence on the following Monday. The first meal that will be served will be the evening meal on Saturday, 5:30 p.m.

Students must register with their house staff as soon as they I return, from which moment the normal school routine will be followed. A roll call will be held before the Sunday evening meal at 5:00p.m.

Appropriate action will be taken against students who return late without good reason.


The last full day of term will normally be a Friday. However, students will not be allowed to leave the school until the following Saturday-morning at the earliest. The last meal of the term will be breakfast, served on Saturday morning.

News & Events
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Cambridge University (International) Approval...
Cambridge University (International) ApprovalCambridge University (International) Approval...
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