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No school should be without its Parent-Teacher Association. The education of children should not be left to the teachers alone, and very few parents have the time or the skills required to do this on their own. Parents and Teachers must therefore work together to ensure that the children are properly educated. The Parent-Teacher Association is a forum where teachers and parents can meet to discuss the operation and management of the Academy to improve its effectiveness in educating and training the children. Parents and teachers often have different insights into the performance of the institution, and the attitudes and behaviour of the students. In meeting together they can share ideas and find ways of enhancing the Academy’s performance. In addition, many parents have strong skills outside the field of education, which, if tapped, can be of great benefit to the institution.

Parent-Teacher Association. Regular meetings are held, generally when parents are invited to attend some other functions, such as Visiting Day, Sports Day, Speech and Prize Giving Day, a dramatic performance, or an Open Day.

P.T.A. is helpful to the school. It assists the school in the construction of some physical structures and recently purchased a school bus. The Association has a representative on the Governing Council of the Academy.



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